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The main objective of the Garden City Home Owner�s Association (a not for profit organization registered in the State of Florida) was to develop a retreat ideal for any age group; Garden City, as it stands, has achieved that goal consistently since acquiring the property in 1988.

The Garden City Subdivision consists of luxurious residential accommodations in a resort-like environment for its members. Developers performed an extensive feasibility study that revealed Central Florida as the most appropriate location for the project for many reasons. The site location is among one of the highest elevations in Florida. The area features many natural resources such as hills, lakes, and wildlife preserves as well as a splendid climate year ’round. America’s most beautiful beaches and the world’s most famous entertainment centers are only minutes away from Garden City.

Enriched with multitude of various cultures and activities, Garden City is the perfect cosmopolitan community.

In general, Florida is mostly flat, with elevation close to sea level. Central Florida is the only region with hilly terrain. Garden City, located in a western suburb of Orlando called Groveland, sits on one of the highest elevations in Central Florida. Garden City also has convenient access to all vacation destinations, major and local road networks, and most points of interest in Florida. The 96 home sites of Garden City are nestled within some of the most untouched and well-preserved natural settings in America. In addition, this location is rated as one of the safest in the state in regards to tropical storms and hurricanes, it will never flood. Also, for the golf enthusiast, there are four golf courses within minutes from Garden City.




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