The Grasping Root

Inspired by Scotland’s history and enlivened with extensive research, with a page taken out of the Outlander Bible…

Four children and their mother have found a new home in 1824 Nova Scotia, but ghosts haunt their steps.

A strong sense of justice leads Neil to push for an investigation into the death of their father, Gillan, while religious prejudice and economic disparity threaten Muirne’s fragile happiness with a young doctor. And what will become of their rock, their anchor, the twine that holds the family together, Sheila MacLean?

As the family attempts to put down roots and grasp new opportunities, old enemies and new challenges test their strength and loyalty. Will they become part of this new community they’ve chosen or be torn apart and scattered to the winds?

Reviews from Amazon

“Couldn’t put the book down!”
“Pinard will never let you forget the razor thin line between the MacLean’s tentative progress on the homestead and mortal disaster in the wilderness.”
“Great characterization, fun bits of humor (…) Recommended for those who like historical fiction and drama.”
“I can hardly wait until the third book in this saga is ready and published. I am holding my breath.”
Print Length:
352 pages

Publication Date:
November 11, 2017

Taste Life Twice Publishing

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